What plants talk about

When we think about plants, we don’t often associate a term like “behavior” with them, but experimental plant ecologist JC Cahill wants to change that. The University of Alberta professor maintains that plants do behave and lead anything but solitary and sedentary lives.

What Plants Talk About teaches us all that plants are smarter and much more interactive than we thought.

This program integrates hard-core science with a light-hearted look at how plants behave, revealing a world where plants are as busy, responsive and complex as we are. From the stunning heights of the Great Basin Desert to the lush coastal rainforests of west coast Canada, scientist J.C. Cahill takes us on a journey into the “secret world of plants,” revealing an astonishing landscape where plants eavesdrop on each other, talk to their allies, call in insect mercenaries and nurture their young. It is a world of pulsing activity, where plants communicate, co-operate and sometimes, wage all-out war.

Scientists Confirm that Plants Talk and Listen To Each Other, Communication Crucial for Survival

However, new research, published in the journal Trends in Plant Science, has revealed that plants not only respond to sound, but they also communicate to each other by making “clicking” sounds.
Using powerful loudspeakers, researchers at The University of Western Australia were able to hear clicking sounds coming from the roots of corn saplings.
Researchers at Bristol University also found that when they suspended the young roots in water and played a continuous noise at 220Hz, a similar frequency to the plant clicks, they found that the plants grew towards the source of the sound.
“Everyone knows that plants react to light, and scientists also know that plants use volatile chemicals to communicate with each other, for instance, when danger – such as a herbivore – approaches,” Dr. Gagliano said in a university news release.
“I was working one day in my herb garden and started to wonder if maybe plants were also sensitive to sounds – why not? – so I decided as a scientist to find out.”
While it has been long known that plants grow towards light, previous research from Exeter University found cabbage plants emitted methyl jasmonate gas when their surfaces are cut or pierced to warn its neighbors of danger such as caterpillars or garden shears.
Researchers from the earlier study also found that the when the volatile gas was emitted, the nearly cabbage plants appeared to receive the urgent message that and protected themselves by producing toxic chemicals on their leaves to fend off predators like caterpillars.
However, new research, published in the journal Trends in Plant Science, has revealed that plants not only respond to sound, but they also communicate to each other by making “clicking” sounds.
Scientists suspect that sound and vibration may play an essential role in the survival of plants by giving them information about the environment around them.
Researchers said sounds waves are easily transmissible through soil, and could be used to pick up threats like drought from their neighbors further away.
Gagliano said that the latest findings shows that the role of sound in plants has yet to be fully explored, “leaving serious gaps our current understanding of the sensory and communicatory complexity of these organisms”.
In addition to other forms of sensory response, “it is very likely that some form of sensitivity to sound and vibrations also plays an important role in the life of plants,” she added.

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Agency is Everywhere

Its funny, when u look at everything that comes from the universe and the Earth as natural… as a whole, including animals, humans, technology, the cosmos, the quantum world, all of the behavioural patterns, our growth and physical and mental capabilities and evolutionary gains… We find that there exists common similarities and/­or patterns which have emerged across all of nature, as in a simultaneous collective change or rather, a tendency toward the same direction of flow. This tendency, referred to as ‘agency’ which means ‘self-determination’, was first believed to only exist in human beings, as we are obviously self aware and able to makes our own conscious decisions, however, over time we have observed and discovered that this agency is also present in other living organisms such as plants, of which a tendency toward the sun is displayed, reaching toward there most needed source of energy/nutrient as they grow. More profoundly, we have also observed agency in non-living ‘organisms’ or natural occurrence s, such as technology. Technology generally not considered to be ‘natural’ by most is made by human beings who are from the earth and have created it from materials from the earth and thus is naturally, exactly the way a bird would make a nest. Extraordinarily tho as we (humans) have created technology to improve our lives with conveniences, freedoms, global communication, transportation, healing, recreation, artistic, diversity of artistic expression mediums and methods, agriculture, etc. making technology partly responsible for human intellect advancement, expanding human consciousness and mental boundaries, increased physical and constructive capabilities, in doing so we ourselves have been responsible for bringing life to technology, its growth, advancements, evolution, etc, thus forming a symbiotic relationship based on principles of mutualism ie. where both benefit (WIN/WIN), as we can observe by the mirrored tendencies (which are of course tied together) of both our rates of advancement. Technology has not only mimicked our ‘course of advancement and evolution’ in its own route of progression its has advance at a much quicker rate and, within the technological collective, has exhibited behavourisms and tendencies very similar to various natural patterns and systems which occur around us.

The collective flow mentioned before, which all natural beings and their creations participate in, has also accelerated the evolutionary path/rate of animals as we are accepting that animals to can feel emotion and display agency in their expressions and behaviours. The ideal example of course as we most are familiar with are dolphins, who seem to be living their lives very closely to the way in which we live our except the obvious fact that they dolphins. Dolphins do not only have sex as we do, which includes orgies, rape, homosexuality and gangrape but also have been proved to use names/labels for each other, build deeper connections with one another and are self-aware (which basically means that they are able to consciously understand that they are alive and present, which was proved when found that unlike most animals, within our knowledge, who see another animal separate from themselves when looking into a mirror, however dolphins can identify themselves)


its funny u know… a few days ago i was looking at my e-books collection, over 3200 now ;-) and for a moment felt so chuffed with myself thinking “yeah, i got alot a books man” and i thought “hmmm… now how do i get all that into my head?” :-s realizing of course how almost pointless it is really to have a so many books and i’ll never be able to know all the information they hold :-( i guess the important thing is that i or we do have access to the info that we may require at any given time, although it is being threatened by governments and what have you but the internet’s too big they’ll never stop us lol. Access however doesn’t allow one to develop greater perspectives, point of views and expanded consciousness :-/ having the information may put a spring in your step but its not gonna help you to walk the path like knowing the information does.

hmmm… the only real solution to this challenge of a lifestyle everfilled with every piece of data that u can imagine and the speed at which this information is coming in or being created is and has been increasing exponentially since the beginning of recorded history… is to develop ones ability to increase the amount of information that one takes in at any given time :-) for example, when i open my eyes i see… well, lots of things… whatever is in sight, however i only seem to learn or take note of the objects which i look at, the specific stuff that i can focus or at least somewhat focus on peripherally, what i take in consciously. When i look at that tho i wonder “so surely all the stuff i see is being taking into mind despite whether i look at it or not” :-/ like just cos my eyes didnt focus on it doesnt mean that my brain didnt pick it up, right? we see with our brain not our eyes as we know… so perhaps I can access the information that i rest my eyes upon like instead of reading each page of the book i can simply just see it for a few seconds allowing my subconscious to store everything and then, i imagine thru some sort of mediatation thingy or whatever, i could access the information taking in and so shorten my reading time :-D the other way would be to learn to read at super speeds and develop a mega memory or even get a USB cable from my laptop to my brain :-) hehehe

Whats thought got to do… got to do with it?

#itsfunny :-) in fact it’s quite hilarious how we believe Love to be purely from the heart, yet we include the mind in our decisions of engaging or seeking out Love, as if it already knows all the possibilities of all the specific roads that a particular situation with particular circumstances between 2 (or more) specific human beings :-/ hmmm… sounds a bit Ego-ish to me.

When we look at what we know… yes, love is crazy, yes love is illogical, love is irrational, it makes u insane, it drops an atom bomb on your current and stable human being paradigm, it hurts physically, emotionally, mentally and in spirit, Love my you uncharacteristically super-enthusiastic, love makes you push, it makes you learn, it inspires you, makes u ignorant, makes u lie, confess, murder, conquer, achieve, succeed, change religions or begin to pray, brainwashes you, makes u think outside of the box, makes u lie to yourself, want to kill yourself, makes excuses, do things u’ve never done, love gives you a taste of bliss, love is heaven, love is truth, love is spirit, love is God, overall love is psychotic behavior inducing experience … or at least brings out schizophrenic tendencies :-s lol. All true, however as I mentioned before, this is what we look at when we look at what we know… the past.

I would confidently suggest that inclusion of the minds input in matters of the heart has come a

bout due to the influencing factors and imposed limitations placed on the natural variables within any given event or situation. What I’m an referring to is ‘Love in the system’ :-| :-o 8-O

Similarly to how the man-made and enforced governing system, which includes economic, legal, health, labour, etc, places an extremely


huge amount of boundaries on human lives to the point where it is acceptable for pure n innocent, sin-free beautiful newly born human babies to live their entire experience of this life on the streets and in the gutters, without a fair go or even any information whatsoever about what this thing called life is, what it means to be a human being, what exactly are the things that were here when we got here, how exactly we’ve come to be, and surely many more of life’s most necessary answers or rather most accurate guess K cos really… that’s all that it would be, that’s all it is for the lucky human babies born into better and more survivable environments conducive to staying alive… and the other numerous bonuses made available to those who live lucky longer (:-/ come to think of it, it seems a lot like when turtles have dozens a little babies and they have to fend for themselves immediately from birth and other the lucky survive, hmmm and we’re so different from animals aren’t we?). All that it would be is our best guess as parents, beings, as a species, of what the actual truth is, our version of it.

The grotesque abuse of our human rights in the form of the systems insulting and demeaning laws n rules and government sanctioned experiences is at a degree that would suggest that it, the system, is the ultimate unquestionable Truth :-/ we don’t have to go through the long list of concerns, complaints and cons which fill each of our daily lives which refuse us entry and push us away from discovering or simply exploring our own God-given existence… anyway, now go out and show how you create Pure Love made in the blissful bowels of the Heart uninfluenced and unaffected by the mind :-s

The truth is that in today’s society, as we are so consciously and constantly on guard, as intelligently instructed so by the mind, Love cannot purely exist without the mind… so to be aware, so to be careful, so to protect oneself, so to protect another, so to experience our own mental creation of what we believe love to “supposed to be” like. The Mind is to Love what the system and government are to free human beings… an obstruction K

It’s funny, I was thinking earlier about what it could be like to simply develop feelings and/or emotional and spiritual connection with another person(s) if we never had to tell them how you felt :-/ only acting upon it from what we sense and also what we learn to know about the nature of the relationship and the interactions which follow… I asked myself “why one would not verbally express ones love to another? What is the benefit?”, I answered by brainstorming and troubleshooting this concept within myself, with thoughts including “sitting back and savoring each most beautiful moment of this love emotion that I am blessed with feeling”, “limiting the flow of a developing human connection and its intimacy by all of a sudden having to inaccurately and uncertainly define it and declare what exactly it is without even really knowing what it truly is or possibly could become”,  “our definitions and self-imposed conditions which we arrogantly call ‘lessons’ have all been calculated on past experiences, that of others as well as our own, which is also where the visions of our preferred love scenario comes from :-/ to remind you… it comes from past failures at attempting pure Love in an enslaving system which conditions us to place mental stipulations and guidelines on the most ultimate of emotional human experiences that has consistently and statistically proven to fail and/or cause extremely negative and evil outbursts and behaviors such as lying, stealing, hiding, jealousy, degradation, ignorance, insanity, suspicion, insult, embarrassment, beating, obsession, stalking, heart-break, kidnap, slavery, humiliation, rape, torture, murder, revenge, abuse, sexual addiction, loneliness, manipulation, blackmail, suicide, self-destruction, self-glorification, depression, lowered self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence, self-discipline, delusion, dictatorship, personality, disorders, genocide and then some more, worst of all this mentally created picture, born in the mind, of what we think Love is and should be is taking many, if not, most of us even further from the purity that is True Love” K ja, those were some of my thoughts on verbally having to state “I love you” and wanting control over our Love journey J any responses that may arise at this point which begin with a “but what about…” come from fear or the Ego K I encourage you to ponder this for yourself… as the mind so proficiently does :-/

In nature and so the universe, we have discovered and so long have observed always and all around us exists a natural flow of things… a universal flow. This is evident in behavior, movements, direction, design, interactions and in the calculations of structures, beings and particles from the unimaginably massive (massive is a shitty description but I cannot even imagine a more accurate and justifiable term) galaxies and all its 100s of billion stars and all their orbiting planets to the near non-existent invisible, atoms, electrons and bosons. This universal flow exhibits itself through instincts, senses, feelings and understandings aligned to the will of this flow. It’s the uniformity in a flock of birds and in schools of fish, it’s the extinction of species and the birth of others, it’s the wind, the water, it’s the hibernation of the bears, it flows through bees pollinating flowers, it’s in the spiral of the milky way and the replication of DNA, it’s the shape of waves, it’s the direction of hurricanes, it’s in your voice when she inspires you and it’s in her selfless comfort when u’re humbly defeated as she admires you, its intuition, its courageous, it disregards bounds, it breaks barriers, it evolves, its develops, it goes wherever it wills to flow… to whatever outcome… to whatever destination and beyond… in whichever medium, course, route or form, the universal flow proceeds whether you foresee to be good or bad… ITS IS NOT GOVERNED BY ANYTHING BUT ITS PURPOSE OF EACH MOMENT OF ITS EXISTENCE, which is unknowable to us, most of all ITS NOT FUCKING GOVERNED BY YOU… a puny human being K I believe it is fair to assume that most of us would agree, except the self-absorbed naysayers of course, that the universal flow can be called ‘Gods will’ or ‘the will of the Gods’ or for the agnostic ‘stuff happening allot with the same tendencies ’ lol :-P I could believe that this is the flow of Love… boundless, condition less, limitless, unstoppable, unknowing, undeniable, ungoverned, fearless, passionate, faithful, corrective, non-systematic, pure purposefully inspired Love J from the heart of all things, absent further analysis or input from the mind, where the delusions of ego and fear are born. Am I naive to want to believe the obvious signs which show that Love flows alongside or rather… as one with the flow of the universe :-/ the flow of Gods will? Hmmm… perhaps, but I sure don’t have the balls to state that any choice that I have so apparently concluded from a limited 29 year experience and knowledge filled life, is um… the right thing to do K and then simply just move on… LMFAO!!

Love in a controlled environment or strategy, with a predetermined outcome and pathway by those who wish to create this love, is not Love in its pure form, yes I am sure we do experience a kind of love and yes , oh how magnificent it can be… this amazing love in the system and influenced by the mind. A kind of love is cool but fuck cool K I want natural, real, pure, true, spiritual, free Love, that does not even consider fear of failure or harm, does not even consider the individual self and how many points he, she or they have in the relationship nor even a thought about how one has more relationship chores than the other or any other human relationship muck that we have produced in the last few thousand years since Man has declared himself of a higher value than other men, enough to rule and use them for his own self gain. How can love exist purely with so much suffering around? We’re even so blind as to have sayings such as “to love is to suffer” as clichés, this does not seem right to me K This does not seem even remotely close to what my limited imagination and open heart perceive the magnitude of life’s greatest experience to be. Nah I’m not gonna give up on true love that easily, come on… you only Yolo once, right?


Imagine Love in the absence of other ppls opinions or your regard for them. Imagine Love without judgment and desire to be victorious. Imagine love with a simply purpose of doing your absolute best to assist in allowing the object of your affection to experience every living moment in as joyous and harmonious of a manner as what’s possible in that moment… and nothing else… no time frames… no titles… no converting nor unnatural changing… no attachments and no expectations, pure natural Love expressed moment by moment in activity or rest, in pleasure or prayer… directly from the heart and absent complications of the programmed mind.

I think I shall try Love according to my best attempt at being natural in a manner mimicking that of the frequency of the universe, to Love with the flow :-D Now where the hell would I happen to come across a like-hearted person to attempt this with and without getting arrested and scrutinized or worse :-S I guess I’ll just go with it :-)

…I hope the that the ultimacy of love is expressed in orgies, lol ;-) fingers crossed





The Milky way and Andromeda: Love without limits

SOURCE: http://www.sci-news.com/astronomy/science-milky-way-galaxy-andromeda-01196.html

Previous studies have suggested that our galaxy is set to crash into neighbor Andromeda Galaxy in 3 – 4 billion years, and that this will be the first time such a collision has taken place. However, in the new study, accepted for publication in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics (arXiv.org version), Dr Zhao’s team proposes a very different idea that the two galaxies collided once before, some 10 billion years ago. Remarkably, this would explain the observed structure of the galaxies and their satellites, something that has been difficult to account for until now. The Milky Way is part of a group of galaxies called the Local Group. Cosmologists believe that most of the mass of the group is invisible, made of so-called dark matter. They suggest that across the whole Universe, this matter outweighs ‘normal’ matter by a factor of five. The dark matter in both Andromeda and the Milky Way then makes the gravitational pull between the galaxies strong enough to overcome the expansion of the cosmos, so that they are now moving towards each other at around 100 km per second, heading for a collision 3 billion years in the future. But this model is based on the conventional model of gravity and struggles to explain some properties of the galaxies we see around us. Dr Zhao and his colleagues argue that at present the only way to successfully predict the total gravitational pull of any galaxy or small galaxy group, before measuring the motion of stars and gas in it, is to make use of a model first proposed by Prof Mordehai Milgrom of the Weizmann Institute in Israel in 1983. This theory, named Modified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND), describes how gravity behaves differently on the largest scales, diverging from the predictions made by Newton and Einstein. The team has for the first time used MOND to calculate the motion of Local Group galaxies. Their work suggests that the Milky Way and Andromeda had a close encounter about 10 billion years ago. If gravity conforms to the conventional model on the largest scales then taking into account the supposed additional pull of dark matter, the two galaxies would have merged.





“Dark matter would work like honey: in a close encounter, the Milky Way and Andromeda would get stuck together, figuratively speaking”, explained senior author Prof Pavel Kroupa from Bonn University. “But if Milgrom’s theory is right, then there are no dark particles and the two large galaxies could have simply passed each other thereby drawing matter from each other into long thin tidal arms,” added co-author Dr Benoit Famaey from the Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg. In the new model, the Milky Way and Andromeda are still going to crash into each other again in the next few billion years, but it will feel like ‘deja vu‘. “If we are right, the history of the cosmos will have to be rewritten from scratch,” Prof Kroupa concluded.

The system is a vampire

Its funny how 2 decent ppl can commit the same crime but the one who has a better CV and/or has been lucky enough to be able to do more things with their life has a better chance of having the charges dropped or receiving a lighter sentence, depending on the crime. The verdicts of cause resulting in even further difference because of their lawyers who would have varying experience or have a differential nack to how each may argue law :-| Now clearly the main influencing factor in these scenarios are not the ‘crime’ or the importance of enforcing a particular law, as one would natural expect, but instead the outcome which could drastically affect the lives of these 2 equally decent human beings is decided by firstly, which one of them was lucky enough to be born into the more financially stable/able home to allow them to pursue all that wish they wish to accomplish or experience, which of course makes them seem like a better person, secondly, the role of ‘lawyer’ as in how one is defended, whether by a personal attorney, a court appointed professional or by oneself, a major factor in these proceedings is the ability to use skill, persuasion, education, body language, tone of voice, manipulation, charm, passion, anecdotes, swag, ego, sympathy, exaggeration, glorification, impression, emotion and whatever else needed to make the sale :-| quite similar to how one would pursue a women, get a job, close a deal or get out of trouble from ;arents or teachers… well, i guess that pretty much says it :-| the modern day justice system is the professionalization of ‘skieting kaare’, ‘giving a spiel’, ‘blowing smoke’ and quite frankly in this degree of importance with a life in the balance, i reckon its fair to even call it low level brainwashing, and surely the undeserved over-aggrandizement of the human judge could in the right circumstance be subject to bribery.

How necessary are these laws and the the penalties for breaking them, when it depends on who it is that broke the law :-/ yes, we are human beings and each deserve to be treated as individuals with a case by case approach, pardon, but if we’re gonna make something a rule that everyone must abide by surely the strategy we use to implement n enforce this rule must be equally consequential across the board despite bank balance or social standing, right :-/

If only things were that simple aye :-) we certainly do require a platform to plead our case or to get the whole particular story out or be fairly evaluated, but my point is… this justice system which we are currently shoved into operating within is a sham. Its flawed. Its inhumane and inappropriate. It allows the undeserving to suffer harsh and unjust punishments and is clearly subject to physical and mental conditioning of those constantly exposed to it, resulting in incorrect judgements, ignorant demeanor and fatigued interactions. It is unfair and biased and shows signs of ritualistic and kabalistic practices :-| i am not quite certain of an entirely new system or method to replace this broken machine, but im not too comfortable knowing that despite my nature or the truth, i could possibly end up going to prison for something that i might not have done or been apart of, like so many other innocent victims :-|

Ideas are bulletproof

“Behind this mask,
there is an idea!
Ideas are bulletproof”

The figured winced
from the words echoing
the chambers in his mind

“What do you want,
leave me be.
All I want is peace from thee.”

“I can not die,
you can not finish me.
I shall linger in your mind
till you free me.”

The figure began to fear
his own mind and thoughts
what he did was not forgot.

“I did not mean to think of such things
they were foolish and unspoken,
cant they be left there?”

“Behind your mask,
there is an idea,
Ideas are bulletproof”

The quite pondering odor
sat and laughed a mock

“You want me out,
You want me dead?
I am your revolutionary,
there is no way, be free.”

The figure understood
at long last what to do.

“Behind my eyes,
there is an idea,
Idea’s…are bulletproof.”